Preparation Day for Tour of Lawrence

Connor Brown

Special thanks to Tim Fleenor for taking some rocking photos!

Today is what I like to call my preparation day. This is the day in which I refuel my legs so that they are ready for race day in order to do that I went out on an easy two hour spin with one fifteen minute effort, just to clean out the legs.

Keeping me company on my ride was my good friend and teammate Rick, who rides with me a lot if you haven’t figured that one out.

While I was riding I couldn’t help but to think about my next race, the Tour of Lawrence. This is one of the toughest courses that I will race all season and thats why I like it, not to mention that its only a week before Nationals, which makes this race kinda like my Dauphine in a way.

So I would like nothing more than to conquer this course and put another notch on my belt before coming into Nationals.

Not only am I using this day to prepare my legs for the race, but to prepare my mind as well. In order to do so I spent my whole day watching and studying explosive climbers such as Chris Froome, Joaquim Rodriguez, Andy Schleck, Domenico Pozzovivo, Alberto Contador, and etc. I picked climbers because this course is a very hilly circuit race and a good strong climber could solo and stay away.

With all this said I half to say that I am very excited to race and can’t wait to get on that course.Connor Brown


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