I Totally Screwed Up at Todays Tour of Lawrence

This was the last day of the Tour of Lawrence and of course I wanted to end it with a bang.

The plan was to be patient and to sit in till about three fourths of the race. Unfortunately I decided to deviate from the plan for some reason and to go with everything. I don’t know why really, other than the fact I love to race and race hard.

I like to line up on the front

I like to line up on the front

It sucks because of the fact that I worked too hard early on when it  could’ve been better spent later into the race which eventually cost me the race. I ended up in a bad position trying to draft rather than hitting the gas when it counted.

It was a fairly flat and an easy course, which meant that it would be fast and hard to lose anybody. This is exactly why it was kinda dumb for me to jump into that breakaway early on.

The correct move though would be, as Bill Marshall said it, “an attack on the backside about the third turn from the finish would be a good move for a win.” The funny thing was is that the guy who won did that exact move, which doesn’t surprise me because Bill knows what hes talking about. Even crazier was my dad said the same thing and so did Rick.

Another major thing that I did wrong was that I was on the front with one to go and should have been in third or fourth position ready to strike. What a mess I made of what should have been an easy pay day.

So at the end of the day it was a pack finish but another reminder coming into Nationals of how I need to be patient when racing. An additional plus was I did a lot of work and was able to give my legs a good workout.

I also want to give a quick shout out to the guys with GTG who were out today cheering me on. Thanks for the support, it was much appreciated.

Now its all about Nationals!


One thought on “I Totally Screwed Up at Todays Tour of Lawrence

  1. Sup Connor, You are well aware of what you did today and as long as you learn from it thats what matter. You are young and you have lots of racing ahead of you and no doubt will definitely win. Take this one as a lesson learned and put it behind you.

    John “Capi” Capuchino
    GTG Cycling Club
    Senior member Co-Founder

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