Pre Rode The Nat Courses Today and Found A Real Jack Leg in The Process

So after a long nap/car ride of chilling on the bed in the car, we finally arrived in Madison, Wisconsin.Connor Brown

My first thoughts when I arrived in the city for the first time is how beautiful the countryside is, not to mention the fact that this is Trek capital, and I can see why because they have a bit of everything when it comes to the road.

Once we got in we headed over to the road course to give it a preride and a ride from the gun it is as it starts with a very fast and fun decent shortly after it has a steep little pop of a hill with a gradient of 18 percent.

While me and Kenny were riding the course we were able to see the carnage of what was left of the womens field. At the sight of this we knew that the last five mile climb had to have been crazy hard to cause this separation.

Sure enough when we arrived at the base of the climb we knew that we were in for a treat. The climb is just insanely long and its just relentless. The best part is that we half to do it four times.

Connor BrownBy the end of the race whoever is left will limp up an added finishing section just to add to the pain and torture.

After that we headed over to the TT course to pre ride that and interestingly enough they are starting it right next to Trek factory headquarters.

Now do I have a story about me and Kenny’s pre ride adventure.

It started off like any other ride, funny conversation paying close attention to every detail of the road then the first strike happens. Kenny and I were just minding our own business and riding two abreast when all of the sudden we hear a loud honk, then this jack leg pulls up to me and Kenny and says to us “get off the road you assholes,” and then continued to honk.

Kenny then looked at him because he was right next to him and told him that we had a right to the road and that we were doing nothing wrong and at this the guy storms off and leaves us in the dust.

Our next encounter happened ten minutes down the road, this guy decides that he was going to buzz us with his huge double tire super duty truck and blares his horn at us.

Then after he passes us he throws his car sideways blocking most of both lanes and then gets out of the car and starts yelling at us; “you sons of bitches get off the f… road,” then Kenny tells him that we had a right to the road then this moran replies, “you have a right to suck my …” Then he starts to approach Kenny, thats when I strolled up next to Kenny to get him to back off, then out of nowhere a kind gentleman going the opposite direction gets out of his car and tells the guy off and says to him we weren’t breaking the law at all.

After this the guy decides that it was time to leave and high tails it out of there.

Kenny and I where so pissed at this, all we wanted to do was enjoy ourselves and pre ride a course. But some jack leg who thought we had wasted so much of his time cared enough to get out of his car and threaten us, while at the same time wasting more of his precious time that he cared so much about. #moron


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