Great Group Ride with Nice Hills and Some Crazy Dogs: Hey Kelly….Who Let The Dogs Out?

So today I decided to spice it up a bit since I wasn’t able to do the Nationals crit or time trial it was time to go out for a long ride today, and by long I mean five hours of good fun.

But not without a cost, that being my precious beauty sleep, having to meet up with the group of riders at ten thirty I was forced to endure and wake up 7:30am.

While I was trying to fight myself to stay awake and drink my breakfast smoothie, I was delighted to find my boy Chris Froome endure and survive over the Pyrenees to keep the leaders jersey.

Group Ride

After that I quickly threw my gear on and rolled out to meet up with the group.

Waiting for me was David, Kelly, John, Kent, and Rick who would tag along for like fifteen minutes or so.

Once we got rolling I was informed that we were going to take a new route, and at first I didn’t really care but once we got on the course and I saw all the crazy hills and cool peaceful scenery it was very nice. Can’t forget about all the funny jokes on the ride as well, priceless.

Unfortunately for John he had a flat tire, so we waited for him of course. Then a couple of more miles later he got another flat. It sucked but Kent was nice enough to spare a tube for him.

After that Kent, Kelly, and myself went our separate ways from the rest to head home. During this period we would cross into what seemed to be a peaceful Lees Summit neighborhood, but what we didn’t know was that there was something lying in the shadows, waiting, stalking its prey, looking for the right moment to strike.

Then just when we thought we were safe they attacked… two dogs out of nowhere without barking came flying into us. Kent and myself were able to dodge them but Kelly wasn’t so lucky. The good news was she only hit the dog with her pedal so she was ok, the bad news was that left a sour taste in all our mouths for the next ten minutes.
This video is for Kelly! It Even Features the Dude

After the ride, which I clocked it at 79 miles, I decided I would relax and take it easy for the rest of the day and thats just what I did.

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