Air Canada Saved My (Canadian) Bacon Today

So today I had just a typical Monday rest day of keeping the feet up as much as possible.

I still had to get a few errands to run including heading over to the bike shop to pick up a couple of bike cases for Abitibi that I will be leaving for on Sunday.

I can’t wait to head into Canada and get some Tour de France type stage racing in before I go to race the Missouri state crit and TT.

Speaking of Missouri state this might be my first official cat 2 race that I will do and that should be exciting.Connor Brown

Haven’t upgraded to a two yet but I probably will at some point this week; I believe that I am ready to make the jump myself.

Anyways I got to try the motor scooter out for the first time today and its really fun zooming around doing thirty miles an hour without having to do anything. Thats kind of strange really, but I like it anyway and will have to swipe the scooter for a little more fun in the sun.

I almost forgot…we were kind of in a pinch when it came to my flight on Sunday.

I mean we were really pushing it on the arrival and departure into and out of Chicago. I was originally scheduled to only have 45 minutes for a layover and with having to go from one side of O’Hare to the other and expect my bikes to make the time cut for an international flight was really pushing it.

To tell you the truth, I was kind of already preparing myself for a major let down of missing the Tour because of a missed flight or my bikes not showing up.

So my dad got on the phone with Air Canada this morning and explained the situation to the gal on the phone and she was kind enough and able to make some adjustments and got it so I would have plenty of time between flights. Thank you Air Canada! Especially for not charging us anything more and understanding the predicament I was in.

That was crazy cool of them!

Connor Brown

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