Nice Shoulder Check By Cavendish Today; Perhaps Hockey Would Have Been A Great Back Up Sport?

Well today was a bit busy but in a good way since I started out my morning with the Tour, of course.

Pretty darn interesting stage if you ask me. I think that the thing that was the craziest about today’s stage was Cavendish’s huge shoulder check to the poor guy, I mean he flat out laid him out, but I think thats what happens to you when you try to tango with a battle harden sprinter.

Mark Cavendish

Honestly its pretty controversial to me I have seen some video and looked at some pictures but I don’t know what to think on this other than stuff will happen when your bike racing.

Thanks Jonathan!

Thanks Jonathan!

After watching the Tour I ate a quick lunch and headed out at two in the afternoon, right about when that heat wave came in, and you know what? I think I enjoyed it. I don’t really sweat that much when I am riding and I kind of like knowing that I am sweating because then I know I am burning calories and working my body. Plus I had plenty of water to spare for my two hour jonty around the lake.

Once I got back and showered off I was informed that we were going to meet up with Jonathan at Mi Ranchito for a some dinner.

Although the service was lacking a bit do to the overcrowdedness (is that a word?) of the restaurant I still had a great time hanging out with my parents and Jonathan, who by the way always hooks me up with the best magazines on cycling that money can buy.

So we spent a couple of hours talking and having a grand time, but it had to end eventually, however it was a great way to end the day.

Thats pretty much it for today. I do know I am doing a few hours for tomorrows ride ending with an hour of motor pacing, so I have that took look forward to.

Connor Brown

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