I Motor Paced Today To Simulate Racing & Got Some Dude Time This Evening

So my day today was pretty filled up with getting stuff prepared for Abitibi.

For starters I had to contact the team mususe/nutritionist and fill out a couple of surveys so she was prepared for what shes getting into with each rider.

I then went for a ride were for the first hour I road an easy pace around the lake. I then meet up with my Dad who was riding the motor scooter to do a lap or two of motor pacing. Today I was doing a special work out where I had three intervals in which I would be attacked by the motor scooter than I had to counter and drive a breakaway for three minutes. These were extremely hard and it was such an incredible workout.



After each effort, I would move back into the slipstream and recover at 25-27 mph. Its good practice on how to attack and slide back in so you don’t get dropped during a race. It also trains your body to ride higher speeds at a more comfortable pace than normal.

After that I had to go and dial in my old TT bike to get it to where the Specialized Transition was. This was a pain and a half. We ended up not making the UCI’s steam length rule so we had to go over to Kent and Kelly’s house to grab a couple of their stems and more importantly have a little Dude time.

If you don’t know who Dude is then your missing out. Dude belong to Kent and Kelly and he is just awesome.

Unfortunately none of the stems could hold the skinny TT bars, which means that our journey will have to continue tomorrow.

Once I finally got another chance to sit down I wanted to go through the Tour of Abitibi Technical Guide with my Dad, and we came to the consensus that instead of bringing the disc we will take the HED 3’s; just because of the fact that if I get screwed on my TT bike then I can throw them on my road bike and save some time as well as having some very fast wheels for a few of the stages that are pretty flat.

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