Working On Final Adjustments and Fine Tuning Before Leaving For Quebec

Longview Lake

Longview Lake Today

Man it seems like everyday this week has been super busy for myself trying to get everything prepared for Abitibi. I started off today the same as every other day this week with the Tour. Thought it was interesting to see who won today, Kittle has beaten both Gripel and Cavendish now in two legitimate sprints. I think he could be a next top sprinter to look at.

After that I ate a small lunch then kitted up to go do a three hour ride in the sun. Even though today was pretty hot the scenery around the lake made up for it.

Today was just about focusing on tempos, weather that was going into a headwind or controlling a tail wind, my goal today was to practice pacing myself.

Once I was done with the ride I headed into the bike room where my Dad and I would try and get the TT bike ready for Steve when he arrived. Kent was nice enough to lend us one of his TT seats so that way we could meet the UCI’s strict rules, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to bring a TT bike.

Anyways the second Steve arrived he was able to fix the mess that my Dad and I had created and set up all of my hip angles on the bike that I like and got it into a good position. Unfortunately the bike wouldn’t go as low as I would usually like it but it still had the hip angle and an aereo enough position.

After we got that sorted out we headed over to 54th Street to have some grub and hang out with Steve, and we had a ton of fun. Steve is such an awesome guy and he took the time out of his day twice to help me out, thanks again Steve.


Connor Brown

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