Got My Upgrade To Cat 2 Today and Had A Smokin Motor Pacing Session

Well its now official, I am a category two racer. I just found out that the upgrade was approved today and I can’t tell you that I’m not excited.

Yes I realize that when you cat up it gets harder, faster, I’m out geared, and theres better competition, but I have thought long and hard about this and think that this was a good decision and I for one enjoy a challenge.

Motor Pacing

Motor Pacing Around Longview Lake

I feel that this was a good move to do right before I go and do Abitibi since all of my team are either cat twos or cat ones.

All in all I’m super stoked and can’t wait to race!

Now after I found out I had to go and get a good hard ride in to celebrate this achievement. So I asked my Dad if he would give me two hours of motor pacing and he didn’t turn me down.

For the first hour I took my regular road bike out and just rode a fast tempo around the lake to get myself warmed up for my three ten minute zone fours that I was going to do on my TT bike.

Since my legs felt really tight today it was a good thing that I spun them out before the TT ride.

After I got done with the first hour I quickly geared up with all of my aereo equipment and grabbed the TT bike so we could head out.

At first I was a little wary because I didn’t know how this was going to work with no brakes sitting behind a motor vehicle in the aero bars, but I soon quickly got the hang of it and felt very comfortable.

When we first hit Raytown Road my Dad signaled that we were going to start the first interval and then quickly amped up the pace. I told him to not drop it below thirty miles an hour and thats exactly what he did.

I felt great sitting behind the scooter flying at thirty six miles an hour going up a false flat. It was so cool.

The next interval we did would be on the Longview Climb. Right before we got started I told my Dad to keep as much momentum as possible and that I would just hold on.

We came flying into that hill doing thirty something and carried so much speed that I think my average was 27 mph and then for the whole thing 26. Pretty darn cool, if you ask me.

Basically after that we hit Raytown road again and just nailed it, then we headed home.

So if you ask me, if I think motor pacing works, heck yeah it simulates everything in racing, whether thats holding on for dear life or getting attacked or sprinting at high speeds, its a great workout no doubt.

The best part was when I got back, I looked at my Strava and I had seven different KOM’s, Hahahaha.

Connor Brown

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