Update from the Tour de l’ Abitibi Monday

Day one is complete with the opening sprints out of the way.

Street Sprints

Street Sprints

It was really somewhat anti-climatic since the afternoons opening event was all about letting the sprinters duke it out for vehicle placement in the caravan so I hear. Unfortunately, our designated sprinter had a mechanical and was ousted in the first round, but no big deal. It’s really all about tomorrow for me.

The Tour for us juniors here is compared to the pros getting to go to the Tour de France, since its the best riders in the racing age group of 17-18 (Im 16, but my birthday fell in the late part of the year so I race a year ahead.) from around the world with the exception of a few guys that either couldn’t make it because they were hurt or are just too tired from racing all season.

Sleeping in Class Rooms

Sleeping in Class Rooms

Its possible it could be finances as well since this is a very expensive race to attend. However, you would not know that by the accommodations we all have to stay in (see picture). Makes the Travel Lodge we usually stay in look like the Ritz Carlton.

Anyway, I will try and give a more thorough update tomorrow, but what I can tell you is that I am pumped and ready to go.

You can also watch us live by clicking here.

Until tomorrow. Oh, for those who are wondering; of course I’m going to attack at the gun! Just kidding.

Connor Brown

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