Stage 1 at the Tour de l’ Abitibi Completed But Not Without Some Bloodshed

First day and stage completed and man was it awesome!

I loved every minute of it. Seriously, who wouldn’t love a super aggressive race with attacks flying off the front almost every 15-20 seconds?

Here’s what I can tell you quickly since I am getting ready to get my massage and then its off to bed. Connor Brown

We averaged 27 mph for the 117 kilometers we raced through rolling hills and lots of false flats. Our top speed was 48 mph at one point and when I attacked or for that matter anytime anyone rolled off the front you had to be doing a minimum of 36 mph and you would just hold it until the pack would bring you back, which meant the pack would nail it to close to 40mph when they decided it was time to put an end to a break.

We did have a moment towards the end when one of the guys caught us by surprise and ended up putting a minute on the field in the closing Kilometers, but we put the pedal to the medal and brought him back in the finishing circuit with two laps to go.

Unfortunately, I got caught in a crash with something like 4 turns to go on the last lap inside 1km. It wasn’t bad, I actually saw it coming and was able to hit the breaks to get my speed down to something 15mph when I hit the deck.

Connor BrownWhat happened was I was feeling really good and wanted to give the sprint a go, so I decided I would jam on it and hit a gap in the inside when all of a sudden two guys bumped and started the chaos. Anyway, no big deal really. I had few bumps and scratches and busted my rear derailleur, but its all good.

Since I was inside the 3k and with the finishing main group I am going to get the same time as everyone else, so I am still in this thing.

I do have some pics, but I am having a heck of a time uploading them on this crappy WiFi. So I will try and update early tomorrow morning when things open up.

I can tell you that our plan was to stay safe (which I didnt) and save some bullets for later this week.

Connor Brown

2 thoughts on “Stage 1 at the Tour de l’ Abitibi Completed But Not Without Some Bloodshed

  1. I see it now in the paper, “hurtling too fast for comfort down a twisty, turning rolling hill and false flat, Connor Brown
    faced a high-speed choice between risk
    and reward!”
    Go for it!!!!!! Be safe!! Have FUN!!

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