Stage 2 Recap of the Tour de l’Abitibi – It was very aggressive!

Great race today and super aggressive.

I can tell you the the race was super fast and loaded with punchy attacks throughout the entire race with a few solid attacks that had the peloton nervous, which was probably the reason for so many crashes today.

I was definitely riding well and feeling good. I had no problems animating the race today, getting in some good digs and sneaking into some little breaks on several occasions.Connor Brown

By the end it was all together and coming down to a sprint finish. So with 3 laps to go in the finishing circuits, I was able to shoulder my way into the USA National teams lead out train (I’m on the International Team) and was sitting pretty good that is until a couple of riders crashed and we all went separate ways.

As we came back together the lead out train dismantled and everyone was on left to their own powers to find a place to grab some slipstream.

As for speeds, I can tell you once we hit the finishing circuit the speeds never dropped below 32 mph except for one time but it immediately got argie-bargie when the speeds dropped down to about 27mph which caused a crash and set us all off on a mad dash to amp the speed back up above 32 mph. I definitely like the higher speeds since they are a little more controlling and safer to race in.

In the end, it was another pack finish with a couple of  Canadians stealing the home field advantage.

ToiletThe way the General Classification sits, the first 3 guys because of time bonuses are sitting anywhere from 9 seconds to 3 seconds ahead of the 99 riders (I’m included in that) were we all sit tide for 4th, that is until tomorrow.

Tomorrow starts with a short TT stage in the morning and then we have a short 40 mile road race in the afternoon. The GC (General Classification) will be completely changed by mid morning since all of us will have to answer to the race of truth, that is us verse the time with no help from anyone else.

The course runs around a lake on basically a skinny little bike path which makes it very technical. I suspect the times will be busted up in 10 second increments, so the overall lead should be in reach on any given day with a good break away.

Connor Brown

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