Tour de l’Abitibi Stage 5 – Cross Winds Ripped The Field To Shreds

Today was rock-in with cross winds and you could just tell it was going to get interesting. The question wasn’t if there would be a split but when would it occur.

Jump into something too early and you could risk getting cooked and miss the real move, wait too long and you miss the move of the week. I guess that’s what racing is all about, right?

The race was chaotic from the beginning with everyone trying to fight for position and both Team Canada and USA were all on the front trying to shred the field, so the way I saw it was I had no choice but to make sure I didn’t get caught in the wrong place, so that’s what I did.

tour of abitibi

After numerous attacks, I smelled blood and saw when a small group up the road looked like they were working well together and the field was breathing heavy. Thats when a group of us hit it. We nailed it in the cross wind and caught the field sucker punched and on their heels.

That move was just the right size to share the work load and put time on the field.

By the time we were out of sight, the attacks began and attack we did. I knew one thing for sure and that was there was no way I was going to miss any attack that might get up the road, so I went with everything. If there was an attack I was in it and if the pace slowed one bit, I would go again. I loved it!

By the time we hit the closing kilometers it was all back together and it was pretty obvious we were going to sprint this thing out so I tucked in to the group to get a little recovery. Once we hit the finishing straight it was full throttle until some guy flew into my handle bars and darn near took me out. Craziness, total craziness, but super fun at the same time.Connor Brown

After we crossed the finishing line, I was quickly greeted by a man I had never met who introduced himself as my chaperone.

Yup, I was drug tested today.

First time and will more than likely not be my last. My chaperone followed me everywhere I went, that is until I pissed in front of him and we sealed the container to be sent to UCI.

It was a weird kind of cool, if you can imagine that?

Anyway, I’m hoping I moved up in the GC (General Classification) and obviously should at least a few spots for sure. Actually, I just got word I moved down to 28th in GC.

I will say that today with as hard as the racing was and the fact I got to be super aggressive it was by far the funnest racing so far this week. I cant wait until tomorrow!

Connor Brown

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