Tour de l’Abitibi Stage 6 Update from Quebec

Its hard to believe we are just one stage away from wrapping this thing up.

I honestly don’t have too much to report other than I spent almost the entire race on the front or near the front trying to avoid crashes and simply making sure nothing got away that would jeopardize my GC spot.

Tour of Abitibi

Can you find me? (Hint-Left Side)

As usual the pace was super fast and the racing was crazy aggressive but at least I didnt have any troubles or issues to deal with like my teammate Kenny Polley did. Poor Kenny, he had two flats and had to work his tail off to try and get back into the race. That pretty much sucks for him!

I will say, I love the stage racing gig. I seem to feel stronger ever day. I think this is probably the best thing for my body, it just likes the constant racing. You know the only thing I wish they would do with this race is add some serious climbing in it, otherwise its been an amazing experience.

The truth is, this stage race is a sprinters dream course; flat for the most part and you can always count on a couple of teams to pull breaks back anytime they miss them and sometimes just because they don’t like the rider they have in it.

Anyway, one and done is what its going to come down to, so I am hoping to race hard and near the front in order to stay out of the muck and with a little luck, maybe Ill stick a break to close this thing out?

Connor Brown

3 thoughts on “Tour de l’Abitibi Stage 6 Update from Quebec

  1. At 211° Degrees, Water is Hot.
    212° Degrees, it boils.
    And with boiling Water, comes steam.
    And steam can power a locomotive!

    SO IS YOUR COMPETITION.” – Eric Harvey

    We’ll be watching and cheering you on. We are so proud of you Connor!

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