Back on my Bike and Making New Friends in India; What a Day!

Today I got to get back out on the road again and get some riding in.

It felt great to get back out after a hard stage race. I feel super strong right now and can’t wait to jump back into to racing.

During my ride I went to the Bike Shop and got my new Cateye that I had gotten for my TT bike and switched it onto my road bike, glad I did to, my old Cateye wasn’t working correctly due to a strained wire. So now I got all of my computers ready to go.

After that I went and got in contact with Air Canada to try and get the ball rolling on them filing some reports on my bike and that took forever. Its always nice when you have to get help from a person in India who barely has a grasp on English.

Quick Update on My Trashed TT Bike, Thanks to Air Canada:

First off, it is really difficult talking with customer service people from India. No offense, but seriously I’m calling customer service and yet its almost impossible to communicate with someone that has a crazy thick accent and can’t understand a word I am saying and I obviously can’t understand a word they’re saying.

Customer Service

Air Canada’s Customer Service

At one point I wondered if the guy I was speaking to was actually out in a field somewhere? I don’t know, but hiring or outsourcing work to foreign companies that use customer service reps that can barely speak english makes for a not so great customer experience.

Anyway, once I got done talking with Raunak, I felt a bit satisfied due to the fact that we got a report on my bike and I am going to go to the bike shop tomorrow to get an estimate on the damage they caused and according to Raunak I can then send in a bunch of paperwork and with a little luck and some serious favor they just might give me some money to compensate for this mess they caused.

Now the next thing I have on my agenda is to go to Springfield to get some racing in this Sunday and I can’t wait to get after it again!

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