I Had An Easy 2 Hour Ride Today with Some Rockin BBQ To Close It Out

I started my day off with a good solid two hours on the bike, with a steady pace to keep the legs warmed up for this weekend. Just one more day now until I get to Sunday, I can’t wait, I’m just pumped.

The riding was good today it wasn’t that hot so I kind of had to force myself to drink, probably because of the wind today which made the ride a bit challenging with a couple of headwind sections, always fun when you hit those.Connor Brown

After the ride I started on my next summer project, painting the house, which meant for me that I needed to get a portion of the house sanded so that I could paint it. Nothing like covering yourself in a bunch of dust and paint flakes in the summer sun for a couple of hours.

The good news was that I was rewarded for my efforts with a rockin BBQ meal that I got to share with my parents, David, and Tessa, with Boss tagging along as well, it made for a great top off to the evening.

Now I am going to finish a movie called “Hot Rod”; great inspirational movie of a boy who does stunts to raise enough money for his step dad to get a heart transplant just so he can beat him up. Great movie! Seriously, what the heck?

Connor Brown

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