Enough of a Break Already; I’m Ready to Get Racing Again

So today started off with a nice late morning stroll out of bed to the breakfast table. Where I then sat for about an hour watching a movie and filling myself with some food before I hit the road.

As I was getting ready my Dad, out of nowhere, decides that today was nice enough for an hour ride, and that he would tag along with me. Hearing this I couldn’t turn him down knowing that when my Dad rides now it’s kind of a rare occasion ever since he decided to hang up the towel after getting dropped by some girls on a local group ride, hahahaha.Connor Brown

After about an hour of riding I parted ways with him so I could head over to the shop because I was having some creaking noise from my cranks. The diagnoses from Kevin was that one of my crank arms was lose and they both needed to be regreased.

It was a good thing I caught it before I went to Springfield because that would have driven me crazy having to listen to a creeking noise every time I put some torq out.

That brings me to my next topic which is the fact that I am now only hours away from racing and this is going to be so sweet. Not only will I be racing twos but ones and pros as well, I can’t wait!

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