Tick-Tock…Sucks to Be A Doper; They Just Don’t Stand a Chance of Hiding Anymore Do They?

Well today was pretty chill, all I really did all day was watch movies and listen to music as the rain poured down. Like I’ve said before if I was going to pick a day for it to rain (if at all it) would always be Monday, only because its my off day of course.

Unfortunately for Erik Zable wasn’t able to have a pretty chill Monday; resigning from the Professional Cycling Council and admitting to have been doing a lot more doping than just the EPO before the 1996 Tour that he had confessed to in, I believe it was 2007?

Erik Dopel

Erik Dopel

Its a shame to see, basically all of the history of cycling in the 90’s to early 2000’s get basically erased do to all of the doping that had conspired.

Zable may not be so well known to American cyclist, but he is probably one of, if not the best German cyclist to have raced in the pro peloton. He had over 200 professional wins, double the amount of Mark Cavendish’s wins, and had won the green jersey at the Tour more than any other sprinter.

It’s funny because I remember sitting at a table like a year ago and having a conversation about sprinters and doping. I thought that the sprinters for sure wouldn’t need it because they only race for basically 200 meters. Boy was I wrong!

Zable and Cipollini were both great sprinters and are both now official dopers.

So this brings up the question…Who didn’t dope?

Connor Brown

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