What Started Out As A Dream On A Tuesday Night Became A Reality This Evening

So today started off with having to go by the bank and deposit some cash I got from the Springfield race and after that I headed over to the bike shop to drop off the TT bike to get appraised for the damage Air Canada did to it.Reverse Intersection

Once those chores were finally out of the way I headed out for a good two and a half hours of solid tempo riding. While I was riding I met up with Rick Krepps to catch up a bit and ride for an hour with him.

After that I ran into this overpass with the weirdest crossover and thought that I would point this out because I am starting to see this more and more often. For example: on my way to Springfield we ran into one of these I think on Highway 13 where it meets Highway 44.

I don’t know if its the smartest way of handling traffic but who am I to judge? However, its pretty strange and just seems backwards to me.

When I arrived back home I was rushed to leave for it was taco Tuesday and my parents were of course in a huge hurry to get there since they were starving.

When we arrived there I was pleased to find out that my grandparents were going to have dinner with us. I always enjoy getting to hang out with them they are pretty cool.

Connor BrownI also found out some very exciting news today.

Adam Mills gave me an opportunity for a guest ride with Th!nk Finance Cycling Team p/b Trek Bicycle Store to race with them in Nebraska coming up in 2 weeks. So I am super excited and can’t wait to race with them.

To be honest, I have been dreaming about this opportunity ever since I first saw them race as Mercy during the Tuesday night crits 2 years ago when my dad took me to my first crit. So this is way too cool for me.

Connor Brown

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