Not Much to Report Other than School Enrollment, Painting and Some Motor Pacing Today

So I got to start my day off fairly early today thanks to school enrollment day. Nothing like going to sign up for an indoor box that you have to sit in all day, woohoo!

Don’t get me wrong I like being educated and receiving an education, its just the way you have to receive it is just so unbearable.

Boss Snubbing My Paint Job

Boss Snubbing My Paint Job

They keep you inside all day without any fresh air and that to me is just unbearable especially when it is spring time after you have suffered all winter on your rollers and are dying on the inside to take your bike outside instead you have to sit there and look out the sealed window.

On another note I finished helping my Dad paint the garage doors today and they don’t look that bad now.

I accomplished this after doing an enjoyable hour on the bike and a half an hour or so motor pacing and doing intervals, always love going fast!

Tomorrow I have a good two and a half hours to ride and a couldn’t be more happier to do it.

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