You Ever Dream Up The Craziest Things When Your Out for A Long Ride? I Sure Do!

Started the day off with continuing my painting project on the house with my Dad. We got the garage finished off today, which means tomorrow we will be doing the front of the house, one step closer to completion.

Once I was done, and got some lunch in me, I decided it was time to head out for my two and a half hour ride.

Cool little gadget on my phone made this.

Cool little gadget on my phone made this.

Today I rode an easy tempo just to give the legs a good day of active recovery. I tried to find a somewhat of an easy route but thats always hard to find because Missouri is always either up or down, rarely do you find a long section of flat.

The weather was just awesome today, it might of been hot but hey you’re gonna be dreaming for this day again when you’re sitting on your rollers wondering when spring will come around, right?

Its always nice to get out and just hit the road by yourself, it gives you time to think on stuff. I don’t know about you but I’ve had the craziest thoughts and the coolest ideas while riding my bike. Its weird what your mind thinks of when you ride for a couple of hours by yourself.

Anyway, I was thinking this evening that this weekend kinda sucks because there are no races out in my general area. I guess it will be a good thing to have a break because after this weekend I have a race on every weekend for the next four weeks. So its probably a very needed rest, its just I hate missing a weekend of racing, that all.

Connor Brown

2 thoughts on “You Ever Dream Up The Craziest Things When Your Out for A Long Ride? I Sure Do!

  1. Connor,
    What app did you use for that picture? That is cool! I would like to do all of my grand boys on that app and make a picture! Just want you to know that I read your blogs everyday! It is especially good on chemo weeks!! Super job! I am very proud of you, as a young man! Continue to work hard and success will be yours!
    ❤Aunt Pat

    • Hey Aunt Pat, its Connor.

      Thanks for reading my blog. Its really great that your enjoying it and it makes me very happy to know that its something that helps you get through the tough times of what your going through. I hope you got my last reply, I really meant it when I said your one tough ombre’.

      The answer to your question in regards to the picture format is that its a feature on our Samsung Galaxy S4 phones. Its pretty cool cause it allows you to do all kinds of really cool edits. I posted one a few days back that was a picture of me in watercolor; it was kind of cool too!

      Thanks again for your comments, they really are much appreciated!

      Keep up the good fight, cause your already a winner!

      Connor Brown

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