Holy Snikey’s; Not Once, Not Twice But Thrice Was I Confronted With Potential Death Today

Well thanks to it not raining today I was able to get another major section of the house sanded and its now ready for painting. Just another step closer and I can call it finished, can’t wait.

After that I jumped on the bike and headed off on my three hour adventure.

I had decided today that instead of heading over to the Lee’s Summit area and riding around there I would take one lap around the lake and then head back and ride Prospect road for two hours.

So basically I go around the lake without a hitch, everything was fine and dandy. I road a nice tempo nothing to hard just kept the pedals turning. Then I start heading towards Prospect and everything is alright so far, so I’m thinking to myself at that point that this was going to be a lovely ride.

After I’ve ridden Prospect for about an hour I start to hear this galloping noise and it was getting louder and louder, so I turn around and at this point I’m trying to eat a snack, and I see a pack of dogs chasing after me and much to my surprise they were gaining.

Prospect Road

Scenery on Prospect Road

So, to avoid getting mauled I kicked it into overdrive and got out of there.

The good news was that I had outgunned the dogs and they had stopped chasing me, the bad news was is that right after I had lost them I had hit were Prospect becomes a gravel road and I needed to turn around and go back the other way right back into the dogs, who were waiting for me in the middle of the road.

At this point I start doing little circles so I could keep riding and think of what I was going to do. after about a minute or two I notice that the dogs started walking back up the road and I’m thinking to myself that if I just slowly follow them up the road and then book around them the second they get off the street I might be able to get out of here.

In the meantime, in order to protect myself I took out my Camelbak water bottle so I was prepared to squirt a dog in the face or something like that.

So I follow and follow and they finale get off the road and I dashed up the road and escaped my doom!

After that I’m obviously thinking to myself that all my troubles were gone but about 30 minutes later or so I hear this loud noise, which sounded like a car burning out and next thing I know I see these two souped up trucks who are drag racing coming right at me!

Once again I had to think quick and what came to my thoughts were to get over to the side of the road and prepare to get out of the way. At the last second these cars must of seen me and one of them slowed down and got behind the other.

After all that I managed to get off Prospect and I can probably tell you that I have gotten my filling of Prospect road and don’t plan on visiting anytime soon.

It stinks cause its a nice road to ride, pretty scenery and horses all over the place; its nice when its not like that show on Animal Planet called Left To Tell.

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