Hah, I Beat Mother Nature at Her Own Game Today!

What was supposed to be a simple day was not made so simple thanks to our friend mother nature. I got to spend my day teetering back and forth between being able to go outside and not being able to go outside.

It started like this: I got up looked at the weather and saw that it was supposed to rain all day, realizing that I would be doing three and a half hours on the rollers I knew that I was going to have to break it apart into sections.

Mather Nature Loses Today!

Mother Nature Loses Today!

The first section would be an hour and a half long; to keep myself occupied I set up a movie on my laptop rigged the speaker up to it so I could actually hear it and then brought the portable fan over to keep me cool. It was a pretty nice setup.

So after an hour and a half of cranking it out on the rollers I notice that the rain had stopped and it was looking like I might be ok to do two hours outside.

While I was waiting for the roads to dry up I headed over to a Waffle House for a student council meeting; I didn’t pick the location.

After I had sat in a cramped booth that looked as though it was meant only for two and endured an hour of chit-chat I found myself on the way home to ride outside.

Wanting to hit the road as quickly as possible to milk the good weather as much as I could, I grabbed some bread and turkey, made a “jam” sandwich and stumbled onto my bike.

After the first hour on the road, and a couple of times where I thought it might rain, it managed to clear up, some-what.

While I was enjoying the little bit of sun light I managed to ride into a guy named Mike.

Mike was a pretty nice guy and I got to talking with him a bit. He had just gotten a new Cannondale and a his speedometer wasn’t quite working, so I told him to pull over that I might be able to fix his problem.

Once he stopped I started to look for his magnet on his wheel and it wasn’t there I then proceeded to ask him where he had put the magnet, he looked at me for a moment, then I pointed to mine and said it looks kinda like this, and he said “oh! thats what that thing was.”

I had a good laughed at him and we road on, a mile or two later I parted ways with him and headed home.

The countdown now starts with racing in T-minus 7 days and counting until the State Criterium race in Jefferson City.

Connor Brown

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