Dang, That Was Close-I Darn Near Missed My Ride to Taco Tuesday; Ole’

I didn’t want to wake up late today but unfortunately I couldn’t fall asleep last night till it was super late. I ended up waking up at about eleven, so while I was eating breakfast everybody else was eating lunch.

While I was enjoying my breakfast and fruit smoothie I was surprised to see that Kent Woermann had come over to help my Dad with his work out.

Taco Tuesday


After that I basically made a salad and then headed out for my two hour ride.

Everything was going according to plan on the ride, steady pace nothing too hard. Then when I had about 45 minutes left of my ride I took a turn that was a five mile stretch to the highway I had to cross to continue onto my way home.

When I arrived at the crossing I was disappointed to see that the road I needed to get to had been shut down and the only way to get home would be to head all the way back the other way to get to the original road.

Once I was back on the road I had to go about two or three miles more up that road and take that route. The unfortunate thing was that I was on a route that at my pace I needed to go I would be 45 minutes and I only had 20 left on my ride. Because of this I had to up the tempo a bit. If I had not done this I would have missed out on MI Ranchito, and that’s just not an option on Taco Tuesday.

The good news was that I made it back a little late but with enough time to make the ride over to the restaurant. You see, at my house my parents take Taco Tuesday very seriously. If I had missed the time cut, I would have been out on the dinner.

Don’t get me wrong, they would have brought me back food, but its just not the same if you know what I mean?

It was a good thing I didn’t miss it anyway, because Jonathon brought me a special treat; several magazines on cycling of course, from Spain! Super cool… I guess I will be learning Spanish now.

Weird, I just noticed the whole Spanish theme I had going on with this blog. Taco Tuesday and Spanish Cyclismo Magazines, strange huh?

Connor Brown

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