Now This Is The Way To Max Out Your Intervals

So my day started out late thanks to my dog Boss keeping me up all night because of a storm that came through late last night. He is as big as a small car and weighs 225 lbs, but is a total baby when it comes to storms.

It seems like everytime I try and get to bed early something keeps me up all night long?motor pacing

After I ate some breakfast and finally woke up, I was ready to head out for my ride. I had only a two hour ride today, with 3 three minute zone fives that I had to do.

I decided that I would do them with the help of the good old motor scooter.

Once I headed out I did an hour around the lake easy pace and then met my Dad at the top of Highgrove. I decided that I would do one of my intervals were I attacked the scooter and the other two were the scooter tries to drop me.

It was just an awesome workout! When I attacked the scooter I got a crazy gap and since I told my Dad that he shouldn’t drop the pace under 28 mph for the entire time of the interval. The interval was perfect allowing me to simulate a race scenario where I was able to get a good gap and hold it.

The picture shows you the gap I was able to get during the interval.

Motor Pacing Intervals

Motor Pacing Intervals

Doing my intervals with the scooter is just such a cool racing simulation of what you have to do to get away from the peloton. If you have never tried it you ought to track me dad down and see if he will go out with you and let you try it. Its totally worth it!

You can reach him through his motorpacing website at

After the ride I made myself some pasta and then cleaned up to relax and watch movies for the rest of the night.

Connor Brown

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