Dreaming of Velodromes and Wishing for Nicer Weather

Well today was pretty simple; I had a short hour and a half recovery ride and then after that I ate sushi. Man, I love sushi.

On my ride I bumped into Kent Woermann who was going out for some motor pacing with my dad. So after I talked with him a bit I took off to continue the recovery ride.

The weather was willing to cooperate with me today but its these super cloudy days where you wish you had an indoor velodrome near you.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if KC had its own velodrome? Seriously, I would prefer not having to go to Colorado just so I could try it. I do here that Lawrence, KS has a grass velodrome, but thats not the same, really.velodrome

It sucks because KC is like right in the middle of two velodromes but the drive is always a deterrent from trying it.

So for now I will just be sticking to the road bike and will be happy with it.

I’m also happy to say that we are getting close to Missouri State Criterium Championship and its going to be awesome!

I really like the location of the course, it makes for cool pictures.

Anyway, that’s really all I got today.

Connor Brown

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