My Focus Is Now On The Upcoming MO. State Crit…I’m Amped!

Well once again I got the best of mother nature today. I waited all day until 4:45pm and then headed out for my ride on pretty much dry roads. However, I did hit a wet spot, but overall it wasn’t bad at all.Connor Brown

I decided today that I would crank out the old MO State jersey since we are basically one day away from the crit. Kind of a little reminder of whats at stake, if you know what I mean?

I really can’t wait for this crit its just going to be such a blast. I really enjoy being able to race the pro/1/2’s theres nothing cooler than lining up for the main events and just railing these courses.

Seriously, once you get the taste you just can’t get enough of it.

Anyways, my ride was really nice today. It wasn’t muggy hot or chilling cold it was just a perfect temperature and the clouds didn’t cover the sky so you could see the sun lighting the sky up with an orange haze before it started heading down for the sunset.

I didn’t really have a hard ride, I had one interval though but it was just a zone three two prime the old legs.

Tomorrow I will be putting the finishing touches on my legs with some openers and a bit of easy motor pacing, can’t wait for STATE!

Connor Brown

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