Got Dropped By The Legendary and Mythical Climber…A Must See!

So I continued my job painting the house again, and I finally finished prepping the front of the house, so its all sanded down and ready for the paint.

After I finished that and had some lunch I headed out for my ride, which was two hours with openers.

Stray Dog

Stray Dog We Found

For the first hour I took the route around the lake but stopped to do a bunch of laps on the TKC course up at new longview. Once I had thought I had done enough laps to kill the time I headed towards the top of Highgrove hill.

I then arrived and started my descent towards the bottom when I saw my Dad coming up the other way. I gave him a little gesture that it was me and he meet me at the bottom of the hill.

Settling in behind the scooter, I told him that I wanted to keep the pace easy and then after a bit of riding at the pace I would do my openers.

So four minutes go by and I find a section of the road that I decide will be a good spot to do my interval and sure enough we hit the light.

Luckily I saw it coming so I slowed down and stopped a ways back so I could get my speed up for the sprint. I then proceeded to crank it up the second I saw the green and then started my sprint.

After about twenty seconds of holding the sprint I shut it down and got back in behind the scooter.

I did this two more times until my legs felt nice and ready to race.

Right after my third one we hit a hill and my Dad decided that he would attack me on it, see for yourself.

He then waited for me at the top and we then parted ways at the bottom.

When I got home and cleaned up my parents decide that they would feed this stray dog that’s been around our neighborhood for a day or two. He is really nice and will be available at Wayside Waifs within the week, I think he is just a puppy? I know one thing for sure, he was hungry and had a ton of fleas and ticks so my mom put flea and tick killer on it to help it with its problem.

After that I then got my arse kicked in FIFA by my Dad in golden goal overtime, that sucked.

He had just lost three players due to fouls right before we went into over time and I thought I was for sure going to win but he scored two minutes in. You know your bad when you play a lot then get beat by your Dad.

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