I Totally Just Chilled Out Today

I didn’t really have too much on the agenda today since I was really just trying to relax the legs after the race yesterday.Connor Brown

I still had a couple of tasks that I had to do though; the first and most important was I had to go to the shop to get my bottom bracket fixed. I was hearing some creaking noises everytime I put some torque on the cranks and wanted to get it fixed and figure out what the problem was.

It turned out that my chain ring had gotten loose and that were all the creaking was, I was happy that was it, I thought I might of had to replace the bearings for a moment.

I had to take it out for a little spin in my driveway just to double check and the bike feels so much smoother in the pedal stroke, it feels nice to have my bike back again.

After I got done chilling on the bike for a good while, I headed inside to clean the house a bit, eat dinner, then I headed out to storm the castle that is my Moms new classroom.

She basically needed me to help her sort and move a bunch of stuff. I knew it was going to be a while before I was getting out of there so I tried to make the most of a boring and dull situation.

20130812_193841Eventually we had come to the consensus that it was good enough for today and decided to head home.

The picture probably doesn’t do it much justice but imagine four more tables like that and areas of the floor were just covered with crap. Whoever had the classroom last left my mom a crazy disaster.

Connor Brown

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