Its Always Good To Mix Up Your Intervals…It Keeps It Fresh

So I am trying to fix my sleep schedule for the start of school on Thursday and its a bigger pain than ever.

I hate trying to fall asleep when you lay there for hours and nothing happens. I feel as though I could be doing much more productive things other than laying in bed, but I must fix it now or I will be dreading my six o’clock wake up call in the morning.

After I awoke from my slumber I had to give a friend of my Dads some stuff for their business thing, so I ended up talking to him for a bit, he was a pretty cool guy.Connor Brown

Once that was done I needed to get an appointment for an eye examination for myself and my dad.

That took much longer than I expected because I had to move it from the date I wanted because they wouldn’t have a doctor in that day. That eventually got a fixed date and left me with one more task, which was to contact my coach and chat with him for a bit.

Right after I finished talking with Barney I headed down stairs to the bike room where I had to change out my wheels and put magnets on a different wheel set and get everything dialed in as best as I can before I headed out for my ride.

I had a two hour ride today, but I had some zone five intervals of which I always enjoy doing. I eventually decided I would do them in a mixed bag kinda thing.

One in a very technical neighborhood with lots of different kinds of turns, the next I hit it on a huge hill with a false flat at the top to put a little extra umph into it and the one after that I did going up Main street in Grandview, which is a weird gradual climb that pitches up in a couple of places; nothing too crazy but it was a good place to finish.

When the intervals were finished I was pretty close to the end of my ride. I had about fifteen twenty minutes left so instead of just riding around I headed over to a empty parking lot over by this United building and where they had the yellow lines for the parking spots I did cornering drills to practice my handling. I also threw in a couple wheelies for good practice, I am certainly no expert or anywhere close on wheelies but I’m learning.

One thought on “Its Always Good To Mix Up Your Intervals…It Keeps It Fresh

  1. When you are trying to go to sleep and sleep just won’t come. I suggest that you practice your speech…the one that starts “I owe it all to my Gammy”. Love~ Gammy

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