Got My Power Data From USA Camp Today…Very Cool Stuff

Well its the moment that every teenager dreads and that is the closing hours of the last day of summer.

School will be starting tomorrow for me and I am ready for it but at the same time I am not happy to go and be baby sat for another year.Connor Brown

The first week or two are really easy, primarily consisting of getting syllabuses signed, going through the “get to know you” class exercises, and starting whatever it is that we will be going over for that semester.

Anyways, I started my day today with just trying to get everything in line for this weekends crits. While I was going through my stuff on USAC, I noticed that my test from my camp at flagstaff were posted and had some power outputs and rankings by power.

I was ranked very well for the long TT’s my lowest ranking was second for them and had a first place ranking as well on one of the longer tests. However, on the short TT’s I was just outside the top ten.

My Avg. Power vs. Power Ratio for the Long Test

My Avg. Power vs. Power Ratio for the Long Test

Connor Brown

Connor Brown

As you can see, my average power for the ride was 10th best, but its a bit deceiving since I’m not as heavy as other riders. So it really comes down to the power to weight ratio which you can see is what helped me win the climb up Snowbowl. I was dialed in at 5.24 for the climb. Anyway, its kind of cool.

I thought that was interesting, especially since the power data is extrapolated by using the speed, body weight, and elevation during a specific interval. I can tell you that I did the short hill sprints just above the average power to weight ratio at 6.65. However, I do know that this is an area I’m planning on working on this winter with the main focus to develop a snappy and powerful sprint.

After that I headed out for an easy ninety minute recovery ride that was much appreciated after the intervals I did yesterday. Its always a very enjoyable ride when you’re recovering, the weather is nice, and you can just cruise around.

Well I’m going to end it today I’m waking up early tomorrow and I have a pretty packed day.

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