Get In Line Gertrude- Local Cyclist Finds The Secret To Proper Recovery Via Scooter Mobility Chairs

Back to school again, after an awesome week of racing it sucks to have to get put into a cell for seven hours of your life to be sucked out of you. Ok, maybe it wasn’t that bad…

It really wasn’t too bad, I think the worst part is having to walk up the stairs to get to your classes, each steps has my legs screaming for me to stop, lay down, and go to sleep. Thats when I have to exercise Jens’s motto of “shut up legs” to carry on my day.

My Vehicle of Choice For School This Year

My Vehicle of Choice For School This Year

Recovery Secret Found

Perhaps, I might qualify for one of those cool scooters from the Scooter Store. Wouldn’t that be an awesome way to get to my classes? I mean I think I heard them say; “everyone qualifies” and thats got to include me don’t you think?

Heck I see completely normal people snapping those things up at the grocery store all the time.  I’m thinking if they need some kind of help in order to make around the grocery store and back to their car after the long trip from the parking lot I have got to imagine I would surely qualify for some help after racing all weekend…That’s it, I’m calling right now!

Speaking of Jen’s, I just found out today that the German locomotive will be racing for the Trek team for 2014. I’m probably not the first person to say this, but I hope he keeps on trucking for many more seasons.

Anyways, I didn’t have too many things on my plate for today since I had an off day. Right now I’m contemplating whether or not to do the Sedalia races or not. Its not that I don’t want to, its just our budget is a little blown at this late stage of the season so I kind of have to lay low until Gateway, well see what happens though.

Other than that I made myself the greatest pasta sauce I’ve ever had to this date.

I always say that “A real artist is someone that can take something so overdone, overused, often made, and turn it into the greatest thing you’ve ever tasted, that is what makes a real chef!” and you can quote that. What I mean is that as a human being you will always remember the place that you had the best pizza or the best pasta, or the best etc.

Thats all I got for tonight, I am gonna wrap it up for tonight and get some homework done.

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