Man I Love It When My Legs Feel Like Steel

So after I got out of a long day of school, I quickly headed home so I could get in my two and a half hour ride, but not before I grabbed a quick snack.

I eventually got out on the road at about three, and boy did I feel good today, my legs were so locked and loaded, I absolutely love that feeling, that feeling you could just hit it and it would feel great rather than that lactic acid feeling.Connor Brown

As I was enjoying the feeling in the legs, Rick pulled up to me in his car, I then exchanged some quick words and said I would meet him for an hour.

When I hooked up with him the wind had really picked up from the south and was just rippen but it didn’t really bother me today because I had the good legs and was able to ride into it with great ease and when I got the tail wind I was doing twenties easy, no problem.

It was such an awesome ride but I had to end it due to my time constraints, its good to have discipline though.

After the ride and dinner my Dad challenged me to a FIFA tournament, knowing that I lost last time I had to except to regain my title.

So the first game goes by and I win by three to zero, second game goes by I lose three to zero, the third game: I am down by one the clock is three minutes away from ending and I hit a last minute screamer into the top left corner to tie it up.

Todays Stage Winner-Frank Mathias

Todays Stage Winner-Frank Mathias

We then went into overtime and its only fitting to play golden goal in overtime, so I started out with a charge down the field and my dad ends up kicking the ball out of bounds and it ends up being a corner kick. Sure enough I kick a beauty and its headed in for the win; that’s how it gets done!

I now have my champions title back. Its good to be the king!

I almost forgot, just in case you have been on planet Pluto, the US Pro Challenge is going on and it is shaping up to be a great race. I loved the young guns of the peloton putting a beating on the big dogs. Definitely worth checking out and they also have an awesome app.

Connor Brown

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