“Water…It Does A Body Good”

So after school I decided I would start drinking more water, you probably wouldn’t know this about me but I tend to not drink a lot of liquids, specifically water. This is not the best habit/trait to have as an athlete.

Water can do many things for the body, it helps the body keep from getting arthritis by giving the cartilage which I believe is like 75% made of water and five times slicker than ice, the the proper amount of water to maintain itself, basically lubricating and cushioning your joints.

I Love My Crystals Hot Sauce

I Love My Crystals Hot Sauce

Water keeps the skin looking fresh and smooth and can keep you from getting an aging look about yourself. It also keeps your body temperature regulated, protects your spinal cords and other sensitive tissues, and helps get rid of waste such as toxins, reduces your risk for heart attacks, reduces risk of disease and infections, and burns more fat and builds stronger muscles.

To summarize this for you…water is very good for you. 🙂

So after my research on water, I decided I should go for a bike ride, which I had a two hour recovery ride for the day. Its my day during the week to repair my legs for the upcoming weekend races so they will be ready for Sedalia.

While I was riding I ran into Mike “the legendary man with the GT,” for the second day in a row too.

It was great to have ran into him because its always nice to have someone else to ride with when you’re doing a recovery ride.

Anyway, I finally finished up right at about six which was perfect timing to stroll right in to see that my Dad had picked up a fresh batch of Crystals hot sauce, mmm I absolutely love Crystals, I could eat it on anything, salad, cereal, I mean anything.

After that I really just started my studies and will be heading off to bed shortly.

Connor Brown

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