My Friday Consisted of School, Errands, Recovery Ride & A Movie

Well I’m going to make this short and sweet for tonight, I had a late evening and am pretty tired.

I will give you a heads up and tell you that if you read the title of the blog I can save you some trouble and just tell you that pretty much sums it up, but if your bored then by all means read on.

As everyone know’s its Friday! Yeh, one week of school down a lot more to go.Connor Brown

So after school I headed over to get my glasses fixed with new lenses, it had been three years since I got new glasses and I had never got them upgraded, so I couldn’t really see too well out of them due to my eyes getting worse, but I’m happy to say that I can use my glasses again.

Once that was done which took forever, I met up with Rick for a recovery ride.

While we were riding I found a cool little park that was secluded from the public due to where the park was located, it had a really cool pathway that in the winter will be so much fun taking my cyclocross bike through.

When I finished up I headed over to my Grandpas for an evening of watching movies and dinner. It was good fun and nice to relax for once on a Friday night.

Tomorrow should be even better since I will be one more day closer to my race!

Connor Brown

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