Prepping for the Otterville Road Race Tomorrow

So today I slept in real late…something like 8:30. I guess all of this time spent waking up early is getting to me. I suppose its good because I get more out of my day now but it would be nice to sleep in if you get my drift?

Once I rolled out of bed I headed into the kitchen where I spent two hours eating breakfast and watching a movie. Its pretty nice being able to do that, not a care in the world just chilling out in the morning.Connor Brown

I then headed outside to help my Dad with painting the house and at this point we have just basically a small side of the house and a half of another and we are finished. It should be easy to do since we prepped and primed the sides so they are ready to be rolled.

After that my Dad agreed to motorpace me for my ride. I will sometimes get frustrated because on hills he can drop me on hills whenever he wants to so when we go out to do a simulation of a fast criterium lap he can accelerate on the hills and into the headwinds which drives me crazy.

I guess its a good thing because it motivates me to go harder. Now its just how long my patient Dad can put up with my complaining, hahahah.

Anyways after that I came home and got my arse handed to me in FIFA by you know who. I don’t know if I can ever play it again, or let my Dad play it again hes just too good, I feel like Andy Samberg in “Hot Rod”, the only difference is that I just want to destroy my Dad in FIFA and he wanted to destroy his dads face. 🙂

So I’m going to try and get a good nights sleep since I’m planning on doing the Otterville road race tomorrow.

Connor Brown

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