OK Race Fans…Here Is My Wrap Up Of The Otterville Race

I might as well jump right into this. I had an early morning seeing as that I got up at fiveish to get some breakfast in before I headed over to Rick’s to carpool to the Otterville Road Race.Connor Brown

I was pretty excited because I heard that the course was pretty hard, hard as in there was a lot of hills on the 25 mile loop that we would do three times.

After Rick generously paid for my entry fee (thank you Rick), which was totally out of the blue but just a super cool thing of him to do, I went and got my stuff on and went to go warm up a bit with Kenny and talk to him about some tactics for the day.

When it was finally time to go, me and Kenny took control of the front and just road zone two tempo for four miles until they decided to start animating the race, which I thought was very interesting due to the fact that we had like 70 miles left to race and it was blazing hot.

Making Bank

Making Bank

Not to mention we had some pretty good wind out there, so if you could imagine my surprise when I saw these crazy solo attacks like they were doing as if they were going to pull a Jens Voigt and ride off into the sunset. No offense, I just thought it was funny, besides that’s usually my role anyway.

So for the first one and a half laps I followed every attack, basically just trying to do as little work as possible, but that was extremely hard due to the weather conditions, hills and the constant attacks, but on lap two I managed to find my way into the winning split of six guys out of the nineteen of us, and for the rest of lap two we just built up our gap to the point where we didn’t have a care in the world.

Right after we crossed the finish line for lap three, one of the guys in the break ends up flatting, so if you can believe this everybody decided to wait for him (which I thought was stupid, because no one waited for me when I flatted at Joe Martin). Sorry, I’m still pissed about what happened at that race.

I guess in the end it was pretty sportsman like in a way, but thats also racing…I don’t know, I guess I’m split on that thought process. Maybe some racers that read this blog will throw down some comments on what’s the right thing to do?

After about thirty minutes of doing about an average of 18 miles per hour, the motto marshal tells us that he dropped out of the race…seriously so we waited all that time for nothing!

We finally got started up again and were working together like good gentlemen, that is until we hit the head wind section, and then it became an all out war. No one wanted to work and everybody was looking for excuses not to pull, and they were attacking a bunch, eventually a guy lets a gap go and the other guy strolls off the front doing two mph faster than us and I looked at everybody and they all looked to me to close it for some reason, but I was not about to waste my energy pulling him back so they could be comfortable, so I let him go…and he got away do to the fact that no one wanted to cooperate.

At that point I was feeling like I had something very good left in the tank for the final uphill sprint and it was tailor made for me as well. So, just right before we hit the turn onto the finishing straight every one had slowed down, seeing this I jumped knowing that if I had more momentum going into the hill.

Pro/1/2/3 Race Results

Pro/1/2/3 Race Results

It was perfect, there was no way they were going to catch me…, checkmate my friend.

It worked at least to the halfway point of the hill, I had gotten a huge gap and was going to hold it off, but then out of no where I cramped in both legs.

This was probably the worst thing I have ever felt in my life. It was so painful I could barely keep the pedals going, my speed then dropped from 30 mph to 15 and sure enough two of them ended up catching me right before the finish.

I was in so much pain from the cramps in my legs that I almost fell over throwing my legs off the bike, but luckily caught myself just before landing on the ground.

So thats it, thats pretty much the low-down on todays race. The good news is after Kenny and I split the winning for the day we both ended up with an extra $100.00 for the days work.

I’m outa here…I’m going to end it there for tonight, I almost forgot, I got fourth place all said and done.

Connor Brown

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