I Just Can’t Get Excited About the New Aero Helmets

After I got out of school today I hit the bike almost immediately in order to get my two hour ride done.

My ride consisted of 2 hours easy and 1 fifteen minute zone three and man did I feel strong. I held my speed so consistently it was awesome even with some wind today I was able to keep a good effortless tempo.Connor Brown

When I finished that up I headed back home to start the fantasy football draft. Its funny I am not the biggest football advocates anymore but I still came away with a solid team. Thank you CBS fantasy draft analysis for your contribution of showing me the best projected players for the season, haha.

Now that I finally got this long process done and over with I think I am going to start heading to bed, but not with out a bit more on cycling.

My new thing that I am looking at right now are aero road helmets.

Don’t you think that aereo road helmets should start to become a thing in the Midwest, due to the fact that there are no mountains here? Think about it, the only time that the pros really don’t wear them is on mountain stages.

If these helmets save all the watts that the companies claim they do then wouldn’t they be perfect for places like Kansas and Missouri where it is really windy most of the time and the terrain is really up and down; rolling hills so to speak.aero helmets

So this might be the thing that every Midwest rider needs to get if they are looking for that extra advantage.

Now yes some of the helmets look really stupid, I won’t try to name anybody but the tron/hockey helmets that Giro makes look so stupid, but I suppose it goes well with those stupid looking sun glasses that Ryder Hesjedal likes to wear (Ill save my comments on those ridiculous glasses for another time).

I would think that if you were going to go aero you would want to look cool with it? I know I would, so what aero helmets do you think are cool enough to be seen in? Specialized, Kask, or maybe you are a Giro fan, and if thats the case I truly feel sorry for you hahah.

Just letting everyone know Giro’s helmets aren’t that bad, I really like the look of the aeon but I just can’t help but point out that the Giro air attack looks like a hockey/tron/skater/rock climbing helmet.

Seriously, someone has got to tell Ryder that those glasses are ridiculous!

Seriously, someone has got to tell Ryder that those glasses are ridiculous! Check it out, even the racers refuse to ride with him when he wears those things.

Connor Brown


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