Quick Gateway Update

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update and apologize for missing the post the last two days.

Racing has been awesome and fast and I have been bringing it the best I know how. The fields have been anywhere from 130 to 149 racers.

Friday was super fast and pitch black averaging over 30 mphs for the race. I think I managed a 45th place finish after all that.

Pro/1/2 Start

Pro/1/2 Start

Yesterday was smoking hot and speeds were high and I think I raced a little better than the night before even though my finish placing wasn’t as high as the night before, finishing in the mid 70’s.

Today was pretty awesome with super high speeds, lots of attacks and my best place finish so far at 36. I will say my goal is a top 20 this weekend, but I still have one more race to nail it.

I will probably do one more update tomorrow, short and sweet and then give a full recap Tuesday.

I did hear there was a nasty crash in the Masters race today and my good friend Bill Marshall unfortunately took a spill busting up another bike this year, what a bummer! Anyway, Bill is a super stud and one of those guys who has been a huge help in my development as a racer, so I was really bummed about that.

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