Gateway Race Re-Cap Days 1 & 2 Pro/1/2

So I’m just going to jump right into this since I have a ton to talk about from this weekend.

Just one quick note before I begin though; I’m probably going to split this into two parts (two races each) otherwise this would be like a six paged blog today.

Friday Night:Connor Brown

We arrived a bit early to the race so I could get my number from registration and everything situated before it was go time. The thing is it was so freaking hot out, about 104 degrees at 8pm, and it only cooled off to about 99 degrees just before and during my race.

I made sure that I was at the front for the start of the race, unfortunately they did a call up for MO PRO standings which I think is a bit ridiculous because the points in that series have absolutely no impact on the race, but I probably would be thinking the opposite if I was in that standings, quite honestly I have no idea of how MO PRO even works with the points, but I suppose I’ll figure that out next year.

Anyways, we had somewhere in the ballpark of 138 racers and out of all of those riders I was the only junior present in the pro/1/2; kinda cool I guess.

Right from the gun when we started I was in the front section, and was up there for the first couple of laps but then in corner number two which we were shredding, I took what I thought was the inside line but another rider made that clear that wasn’t the inside line when he hipped checked me as he squeezed through the railing and myself.

I kept it up but got a little sketched out by it, I’ll have to admit. After that I had to to correct and found myself losing position, like maybe 20 spots.

For the rest of the race I never felt like I was hanging on for dear life, the thing that was getting me was the split shadows that everyone had, which would make it feel like you had guys coming up on you because you could see the shadows creeping up in the corners of your eyes, so I would feel like I was surrounded when I really had no one that close after all.

When we started to get down to the wire I noticed that we were losing guys left and right from crashes and the race pace we were doing, so I thought to myself if I just survive tonight with my skin intact I would be very happy.

With two to go Adam Mills came to the back and said to grab his wheel to get to the front, and as we darted up the outside around every one I started thinking I might be able to get a shot at a good placing but just then there was a big crash in the middle of the back luckily I was able to slow it down right before I ran into Adam.

Right when we stopped I heard Adam say, “great now the free laps are gone.” I then noticed that everyone was thinking the same thing and quickly jumped around the guys in front of me and drilled it around everyone else that was left for the next lap and a half. every one that I went by started chasing me too and some jumped on my wheel but I didn’t care because I was just wanting to make it in before the rest of the pack caught me.

I ended up getting 45th, and averaged about thirty miles an hour for the race which is pretty darn fast!


Today was a much better course for me, it had a bit of a riser in it and was very wide opened. I felt a bit more comfortable in the peloton especially since I could see and was moving up and down in it with little to no problem. Eventually after a couple of breaks went and came back, I finally saw the one that I thought was the “winning” move.

It had about twenty riders in it and most of all of the major teams were represented. So I jumped across and got on and started to move up and just before I hit about third position I looked back and the peloton was back on us, which shocked me because we had so much horse power in the break that I thought for sure that this was going to make it, keep in mind it was over 100 degrees.Connor Brown USAC Rankings

After that, I waited until I saw another move kinda like it go and jumped on that but once more the pack brought it right back.

The peloton was just not letting anything go so it came down to a sprint finish and I finished right with the peloton at 78th not bad considering that we had so many guys in it. The good news from my standpoint is that once again I never felt like I was just hanging on for dear life.

So I will end it there for today but I wanted to show you guys my rankings before I end it to finish up the season. I will say I am missing a 6th place finish, so I might take over depending on the points they give me for it, but we shall see. This does makes me laugh a little, I’ve been a cat two for like two months.

I will finish the rest tomorrow it gets better so hang on it gets better!

Connor Brown


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