Day 3 & 4 Race ReCap From The Gateway Cup

Welcome to part two of the Gateway Cup, told through the eyes of…uh…myself.

Lets get this started!

Saturday Race-Tour of Francis Park- Gateway Cup Pro/1/2 Field Strung Out

Saturday Race-Tour of Francis Park- Gateway Cup Pro/1/2 Field Strung Out

Sunday (The Hill):

Out of all of the courses that Gateway has to offer the Hill is definitely my favorite course by far. The area itself is just really cool and gives a really unique setting that I really enjoy, not only that but it has a brutally long but not very steep riser on the course that just eats everyone up, because everyone drills it up it.

I really wanted to get a good starting position for the race, knowing that the back was going to be brutal I wanted to have no part of it.

Right from the gun I was sitting pretty good but over time the constant surging I found myself in the place I didn’t want to be…the back. I don’t really think it was the back we had just lost over half the peloton due to the courses brutality, but nonetheless I was in the back 1/3.

I started moving back up though and found myself in the mid-pack. During this period a breakaway got up the road and for a long time it looked as though that was the winning move, but somehow it got brought back, which really shocked me.

Everyone who came back from the break was immediately shot off the back due to the fact that they were just killed after that move, except the Bissell guy who just wasn’t done quite yet.

After that, at about five laps to go I started moving up and by two do go I had probably moved up forty spots. With one to go I was trying not to crash so I could come in for the sprint. I really wanted to get in the money so I was driving pretty hard for the sprint but it was a really fast down hill sprint and we were just flying.

I ended up finishing in 36th place.

Sunday- Benton Park:

You know I have never been a big fan of this course but I was in no mood to not finish the race.

When we started I was in great position that is if we had started the race when the officials blew the whistle but for some reason for two or three laps we got neutralized, which I got my position taken by the huge masses of swarming riders. At that point I knew this race would be a hold on and try and get to the front.

For the rest of the race I saw myself fighting for position, guys were getting spit off the back left and right.

It was crazy, its a really sketchy course because every turn has a pothole in it and each year it just gets worse, this year they had a huge concrete slab taken out of the road right in the middle of one of the corners and yes it caused some crashes.

When it finally came down to one to go, I found Adam and he started taking me to the front of the peloton and I followed him all the way to the finish, which I got 41st.

The biggest thing I learned from Gateway is that I am totally fine hanging with the Pro’s and Cat 1’s. I just need to get better with positioning, and over the weekend I sure felt like I was getting better with it and I was feeling loads more comfortable. I think I will be just fine once I can break with both the front and the back breaks again. Right now I am just not too comfortable with my stopping ability in the peloton with the current front wheel issue.

Saturdays Race- Gateway Cup

Saturdays Race- Gateway Cup

Friday Night Gateway Cup-Turn 1

Friday Night Gateway Cup-Turn 1

Connor Brown


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