Philippe Gilbert IS THE MAN! Victorious at the Vuelta Today…All is ok with the world now

Wow what a coincidence, yesterday I was watching a ton of videos on Philippe Gilbert and even posted a couple on my facebook and today he comes out with an awesome win at the Vuelta a Espana.

If I had to choose a favorite rider I would have to say Philippe is my guy, why? Because he is just an animal!

Vuelta España - Stage 12

That and everyone calls him a doper when he wins and then turns around and dogs him for not winning, which to me is really funny. Its like people hate him just because they know he is good at what he does.

What I think made me really enjoy watching Philippe is his never stop mentality, he is just so devastating with his moves its insane.

Where most riders would launch out of the saddle and the second they get the gap they get back in the saddle and ride tempo, Philipe just keeps on going and going at a vicious pace and the best part is he knows hes the only one who can do it.

He is so confident in his ability to crush you he attacks right in front of you and still rips you to pieces regardless of whether you’re in his draft or not, its just crazy!

Now he will probably never win a super flat sprint or a mountain stage at the tour but what he specializes in are these long punchy climbs. They aren’t mountains, but most usually have a finish line close to the top of the climb and what he does is he keeps his gearing in his bigger chainring up front which makes it harder to push, whereas the other racers will drop it into their smaller rings. By doing this Philipe pushes a harder and faster gear up a climb.

To me that in itself is just awesome, and he definitely deserves the win today!

Congrats Philippe on a great performance and to many more!

I will leave some videos down below to show you what I am talking about when it comes to Philippe Gilbert.


Connor Brown

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