Motor Pacing Friday: I Was Flat Out Scooten Behind the Scooter Today

So today I had a 2 hour ride where I was scheduled to do some zone four intervals for ten minutes each at the end of the ride and boy were they fast!

I met my Dad around 4pm to do them with the motor scooter and he decided to light it up.

Boss & Dude Enjoying Movie Night

Boss & Dude Enjoying Movie Night

At one point we were averaging 38 mph down the section where the dam is in Lees Summit and I was just spinning my guts out, and after that we hit a nice hill that I was just flying up around 31-33 mph just trying to stay in the draft of the scooter.

The flats were all around 33-36 mph and the hill up Highgrove headed east was done between 27 and 23 mph at the highest pitch. I’m telling you, we were not messing around today.

All and all my legs were not good, but the engine was red hot, so I was never into the zone 5 area, which is a good sign.

After the ride which was just an incredible workout, I ate some homemade pizza, which was way better than I expected, I haven’t really had homemade pizza in a while and I’ve never been a big fan of it just because it never really turns out right, but this was the best yet!

Dad Made Homemade "ZA" today

Dad Made Homemade “ZA” today

While the pizza was getting cooked, I had the pleasure of having “The Dude,” dropped off for a stay for the next seven days while Kelly and Kent hit the beach in Mexico. Let me tell you something about the Dude he and Boss are the coolest dogs around, and when you put them together its pretty legit.

Connor Brown


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