Football Sunday: “Not In My House!”

So today went by pretty darn fast which is pretty usual for a Sunday, but I was able to get some fun crammed into my last few hours of freedom before I head back to school tomorrow.

My day started out with me waking up and rushing to get breakfast ate so that I could head out for my ride and get done before 2:00pm.


So Much For Football Sunday

Once I was on the bike I knew it was going to be a harder ride than usual because of the wind and my legs were just a bit tight. I hate that feeling like your muscles are just trying to explode out of your skin. It really drives me crazy, its like your power is there but you can’t really access all of it and its just burning to come out of you.

When I finished the ride, I hurried in to eat a quick lunch and then got dressed, so I could head out to our friend Jonathan’s house where we were going to watch some football and eat some good homemade enchiladas.

Its really kind of funny since this how you can tell if your a true cyclist.., we went over to his house to watch football and ended up watching todays stage of the Vuelta a Espana and the Brussels Classic instead.

After about four and a half hours of watching cycling we ended up catching the last for minutes of the 49’ers vs. Packers game, typical right? Speaking of football, I have a close game going in my Fantasy Football League which is going to come down to the wire Monday night, which is really getting on my nerves.

So now I am home eating some of what’s left of the rocking enchiladas that my Dad made and its about that time to hit the hay.

`Connor Brown

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