Somebody Pinch Me…95 Degrees and its September?

So I headed out for my ride after taking a day off.

Looks Like Its Still Summer To Me

Looks Like Its Still Summer To Me

I always find it interesting, the feeling you get ten seconds into your ride after you have had a day off, it just feels weird, kind of as if you haven’t ridden in years kinda of like you have to retrain yourself. This, as I mentioned, usually last like less then ten seconds for me, and then my muscles are right back into the rhythm of riding.

So for the rest of the ride my legs felt like they usually due on Tuesdays, they feel like they have power but its only like 70% there. Usually the next day (Wednesday)I have way better legs, which is why I have intervals tomorrow and I definitely can’t wait for some good hard intervals!

I am loving that we are in mid September and there are still no signs of fall yet, and its getting
hotter than ever. I think I just like it hot.

After that I headed out to go eat with my parents (Mexican-Taco Tuesday).

I cannot wait for the Vuelta to finish up and hopefully crown Horner the victor. They had an off day today at the Vuelta but action is definitely going to pick up again tomorrow, and I can’t wait to look at the results tomorrow on Velonews. Go Horner!

Connor Brown

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