You Ever Had One Of Those Rides Where Nothing Seems To Go Right?

So I had an interesting 90 minute ride today. I was scheduled to do some intervals, which I got done, but I had a few problems that occurred on my ride.

The first being, while I was waiting for this long train that was taking its sweet time doing about 15 mph maybe even slower than that, I had a spoke pop out and then needed to wait for my Dad to bring me a wheel because my wheel wasn’t budging.Connor Brown

After I got my wheel replaced and started going again, thanks to a nice motor pacing opportunity behind my Dads car, I had to stop again because my wheel wasn’t feeling right, I quickly noticed that the new wheel had a couple of loose spokes.

Trying to be very careful with this new wheel instead of jumping out of the saddle on a nice steep little climb I down shifted to my little ring and its smallest gear to spin up it, and the chain completely fell in between my cassette and wheel, which locked the back up, luckily I was able to keep myself from crashing with some brief trackstanding, thank goodness I wasn’t going very fast.

So at the end of the day I got my intervals in, and after that I headed out with my parents to my grandparents and had a rocking steak dinner that my grandpa grilled up for us.

I always enjoy being able to spend time with my family!

Connor Brown

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