Sunday Just Goes By Way To Fast!

Don’t you hate how fast Sundays go by?

It totally sucks, but I did make the most out of my day: I started out by waking up at 6:ish to get ready for my ride because we were meeting up with a huge group of people, which turned out to be five other guys and one of them was on a TT bike (huge), so I decided that instead of going with them I would head South West over to Prospect and boy was that a journey.Connor Brown

We went on all kinds of roads, busy, small, cruddy pavement, you name it. It took us awhile but we finally made it to Prospect.

After we went over to Holmes then turned around we started to head back over to my house. Rick was hinting at rain every now and again and sure enough about three miles from home the rain started to fall and I high tailed it at 30 mph home to try and get out. I ended up getting rained on a bit, but I was still pretty dry; lucky I was close to home when it started.

After the ride and some chores, I had dinner with my parents and David and Tess. They went shooting with my dad and came by afterwards for some grub.

Once that was finished up I started to read the “Secret Race” for my school project and I have to say I already like the book. Its very cool especially when you know what hes talking about.

So an hour passed by and I hear that Greg Lohr is coming with my scooter in his truck!

It was so awesome of him to do that since it was looking like we were going to have to get a tow truck for a second but then Greg, out of nowhere, comes to the rescue and saves the day.

He’s definitely earned the title of Super Stud from this point on!

That pretty much sums up my day. Hope everyone else stayed safe and enjoyed some decent temps to ride in.

Connor Brown

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