I’ve Started Reading “The Secret Race” by Tyler Hamilton

Man today was a much needed rest day. I was tired from running and gunning all weekend.

The Secret Race

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It’s funny because it hasn’t been a full twenty four hours into the week and I am already counting down the days till the weekend.

Its kinda funny how I count down the days. Believe it or not, I’ve done that since I was in preschool.

Anyways I haven’t really done much today, other than read the “Secret Race”, which is shaping up to be a pretty good book.

I think its very interesting how Tyler Hamilton portrays his side of the story. So far, he hasn’t really talked about Lance and I am on page 6, which is 67 surprising to me because I thought it would be all about him pointing the finger at Lance.

I would definitely recommend picking up a copy to read because this is just such a cool story, all of the races he has been to and how it felt, he really does a great job of putting you in his shoes and quite honestly as a cyclist you kinda half heartedly understand what he was going through, its very interesting.

Connor Brown

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