The Roads Are A Little Lonely This Time of The Year

So after school today I hit the road for a ninety minute ride with some zone five intervals.

Right from the gun the wind was just blowing like crazy, probably somewhere in the range of twenty mile per hour wind.

When you would ride into it would be like trying to push through an NFL offensive line. It was brutal so of course the hill I needed to do the intervals on had the cross head wind. So yeah, that sucked.Connor Brown

I hate doing intervals into headwinds because they are just so slow, even though you’re probably going very fast. On the other hand I can see that this will make me stronger in the future.

Its kind of weird this time of the year, there’s no one out on the roads riding. I guess they are on the single track or recovering at this point?

After the ride I came home and decided to use the roller (not rollera). I had a ridiculous amount of knots in my leg, so many that it took me forty minutes to get them all out; it was painful.

Its crazy how lose your legs feel after you use it though. Other than that not much else going on other than the fact that Worlds is coming up, that should be an awesome race to watch. Last years was awesome so this year should be even better.

I really like how the riders don’t race with their team but for there country, its pretty cool because you can have Tom Boonen and Philippe Gilbert on the Belgium team, which in my opinion have the coolest kits, and then on the Spanish team you have Contador, Valverde, and Joaquim Rodreguez.

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