Crazy Cross Winds Today

So today was basically my Friday since today is my last day of school till Monday. I always enjoy a three day weekend, I personally think it would be a much better system for schools to work off of too.cross winds

Its always funny how long the last class seems to go when its the countdown to the weekend.

Anyway after I got out of school I headed out for another ride with intervals, today I had a long interval, as opposed to my three short ones yesterday.

I thought the wind yesterday was pretty bad but today was like a ferocious lion that would not be tamed or subdued.

ChiefsOn a side note I always thought it was funny when I went to AZ everyone thought I was crazy when I had my big carbon clincher on and there was like a ten mile per hour crosswind.

I would just look at them with a puzzled look and say you think that’s bad try fifty mile per hour winds, thats when I will consider taking my carbons off. Thats a midwest mindset right there.

After I finished my ride and had some dinner I sat down to actually watch the “Chiefs game.”

I don’t think I have ever really enjoyed watching the chiefs but this year they seem alright.

Connor Brown

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